Cameroon-based Fintech Nkwa Raises $15k and Assists Users Save Over 1 Billion XAF

Nkwa Cameroon Fintech App
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Nkwa, the innovative Cameroon-based fintech startup, is on a mission to revolutionize the way Africans save money and manage their finances. Recently, the company secured an impressive $15,000 in seed funding from Cameroon Angels Network (CAN), which will enable it to expand its reach and offer more personal finance tools to its users.

With its cutting-edge mobile app, Nkwa facilitates disciplined savings for small business owners, university students, and income earners across Africa. The app not only helps users save towards their financial goals but also provides access to a range of personal finance tools that can help them manage and grow their wealth.

One of Nkwa's key achievements to date has been its ability to help its users save over 1 billion XAF, which they have used to pay off debts, purchase equipment for their businesses, or take a well-deserved vacation. This significant milestone underscores the potential impact of fintech startups like Nkwa in Africa, where access to financial services can be limited.

In this blog post, we'll delve into Nkwa's recent seed funding and explore the company's objective of offering personal finance tools to its users to manage and grow their wealth. We'll also highlight how Nkwa is empowering Africans to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals. So, get ready to discover the exciting world of Nkwa and how it's transforming the African financial landscape.

1) What is 🌱Nkwa?

Nkwa is a game-changing fintech startup in Cameroon, designed to simplify savings for small business owners, university students, and income earners. With Nkwa, users can save towards their financial goals in a disciplined manner, while also accessing a range of personal finance tools to help manage and grow their money.

The mobile app is tailored to meet the unique needs of Africans, especially Cameroonians, by offering a seamless and secure savings experience. Nkwa is the solution for those seeking to save time, effort, and money while making sound financial decisions.

Visit their website and join thousands of satisfied users today and start saving for your future with Nkwa.

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2) Nkwa Secures $15k Seed Funding from Cameroon Angels Network

Cameroon Angels Network (CAN) has invested $15,000 in Nkwa, the Cameroon-based fintech startup. This seed funding follows the earlier announcement by CAN of a 13 million CFA Koree Investment. CAN is a network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to supporting startups in Cameroon. This investment will enable Nkwa to acquire more customers, increase its active users, and validate its business models, propelling the company towards further growth and success.

3) Features of Nkwa App

Nkwa mobile app has four main features: Nkwa Goals, Nkwa Reserves, Nkwa Flip, and Cash Bonuses.

Nkwa Goals

Nkwa Goals allows users to set savings targets and track their progress towards achieving them. Users can specify a goal name, target amount, withdrawal date, and even an "indiscipline fine" to help them stay on track.

Nkwa Reserves

Nkwa Reserves, helps users build emergency funds for unexpected expenses. If a user needs to withdraw money from their reserves account, they can do so with ease, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected financial setbacks.

Nkwa Flip

Users can manage all their savings in one place with Nkwa Flip, which serves as a wallet account that holds all the savings from Goals or Reserves. When users are ready to withdraw funds, they can easily transfer them to their Orange Money (OM) or Mobile Money (MOMO) account.

Cash Bonuses

Nkwa rewards users for their financial discipline with cash bonuses. Users who consistently save money can earn up to 4.5% interest per annum on their savings, providing an excellent opportunity to grow their wealth.

Overall, Nkwa's suite of features helps small business owners, university students, and income earners save money and achieve their financial goals more easily.

4) Nkwa Version 2: Improved User Experience

Nkwa has recently released Nkwa version 2, an upgraded version of its mobile app. The new version boasts a more user-friendly interface, faster load times, and more efficient goal tracking, all designed to enhance the user experience.

A. Benefits of Upgrading to Nkwa Version 2

By upgrading to Nkwa version 2, users can enjoy a more streamlined and effective way of managing their finances. The new user-friendly interface allows users to easily access all the app's features and track their progress towards their financial goals. The faster load times and more efficient goal tracking also mean that users can save time and achieve their financial goals more quickly. For the full list of updates, visit the Nkwa blog post.

C. Nkwa's Future Plans

Nkwa is dedicated to constantly improving its app and providing the best possible experience for its users. The company has plans to introduce new features that will offer users more ways to save money and earn rewards. Additionally, Nkwa aims to expand its services to other African countries, helping more people across the continent to manage and grow their money. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Nkwa is poised to become a leading financial technology company in Africa, transforming the way people save, invest, and manage their money. Listen to Nkwa's Twitter Space recording where they asked for customer feedback on their upcoming release.

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5) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. What is Nkwa?

Nkwa is an award-winning financial technology company based in Cameroon that provides a free personal finance app designed to help individuals save money towards their financial goals.

B. Where is Nkwa located?

Nkwa has offices in Buea and Douala-Akwa, Cameroon, serving clients throughout the country.

C. Where does Nkwa operate?

Currently, Nkwa operates exclusively in Cameroon, helping people across the country to manage their finances.

D. Why should I use Nkwa App?

Nkwa App offers personal finance tools to help you manage your expenses, track your savings, and earn more returns on your investments. With Nkwa, saving money towards your financial goals is made easy, convenient, and secure.

E. Is my money secured with Nkwa?

Nkwa is an award-winning financial technology company backed by the Ministry of Finance, Post & Telecommunications, and the European Union. The app is designed with robust security features to ensure your money is safe and secure.

F. Is Nkwa Legit or Scam?

Nkwa is a legitimate financial technology company that is registered as Cooperative Reg. No. 22/102/CMR/SW/53/282/ CCA/036004/036004000 and affiliated to RAINBOWCAM. The company is backed by the Ministry of Finance, Post & Telecommunications and the European Union, and is trusted by over 12,000 registered customers.


Nkwa, a Cameroon-based fintech startup, has received a $15,000 investment from the Cameroon Angels network to further its innovative approach to savings and personal finance. Nkwa's mobile app allows individuals across Africa to save money towards set financial goals while providing access to personal finance tools to help manage and grow their money. Nkwa's unique features, such as Nkwa Goals, Nkwa Reserves, and Nkwa Flip, make it an attractive option for those looking to save money and manage their finances.

With a commitment to helping its users reach their financial goals, Nkwa has helped its users save over 1 billion XAF towards buying work equipment, paying off debts, or taking a vacation. The investment will allow Nkwa to acquire new customers, increase active users, and validate business models. Join the over 12,000 registered customers and try Nkwa's mobile app, available for download on iPhone or Android for free.

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